Serra Cat

Distribution of flowers, plants and accessories throughout Catalonia and Northern Catalonia. Directly with our vehicles and in any format: boxes, carri, euro pallets or pallets. Also reverse logistics to our area.

Reception at our facilities or collection in commercials the day before distribution.

We deliver Tuesday and Thursday in Girona and Perpignan, Wednesday in Tarragona and Lleida and Wednesday in Barcelona city and every day in Barcelona province.

Serra Illes

Distribution of flowers, plants and accessories to the Balearic Islands. To Palma de Mallorca with its own vehicles and, to Ibiza and Menorca, with reliable companies. In any format: boxes, carri, euro pallets or pallets. Also reverse logistics to our area.

Reception at our facilities or pick-up at the commercials on the same day of departure (overnight shipments), and distribution to destination the next day.

Departures Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to Palma and Ibiza. Wednesday to Menorca.

Reception of national and international merchandise and storage

At TRANSDISTSERRA S.L. we receive merchandise from the rest of Spain or the European Union to distribute in Catalonia or the Islands, or for customers in the area who do not have good access to heavy tonnage. We are currently the point of unloading merchandise with origins such as Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Baltic countries, Canary Islands, Andalusia or Galicia.

We have industrial cold for the goods that need it, covered or outdoor storage. Inside our facilities we manage the delegations in Catalonia of several companies of mobs and complements of the sector of the horticulture, and collaborate with the storage of other companies.

Mercabarna connection

Daily service to Mercabarna, from our beginnings, both fruits and vegetables from local producers and flowers (connection with National Transportation Aliaguilla) or plants.

Daily service from Mercabarna to our area, for fruit wholesalers or flower wholesalers (connection with National Transportation Aliaguilla).

Full loads

In the scope of Catalonia (up to Perpignan) and the Balearic Islands, full door-to-door loads, or reception in our facilities of several producers / commercials to make a full load to the customer.

We have different truck sizes, from 16cc, and great flexibility timetable.

Custom studio

Many years of experience guarantee our work and knowledge of the logistics of a sector as specialized as that of horticulture. This allows us to provide highly efficient and tailored solutions.

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